Popular Motorola Cb Models: Motorola CB 555 (AM/SSB Base Station), 4022, MOCAT, CB555, T-4000, Mocat 40, T-4005, T-4009, T-4020, CB 1135, CB 1133, T-4022, CM510, CR720, CT950AX, T-4025a,
System 500, Motorola CB-555.

MOTOROLA CB RADIO BASE STATIONS & MOBILE RADIOS: When I think of Motorola CB Radios I think of "The Cb Radio the Police Use". To this day they are State Patrol officers using those classic white Motorola Mobile Cb Radios. When I was a kid my Uncle was a State Patrolman in and around Omaha Nebraska. He always had a Motorola Cb in his car. I remember back when the 5.0 Mustang Police Cars came out. I remember having the opportunity to peak inside of one of these vehicle at the Court House parking lot. Once again, it had a motorola cb radio in it. If you are a trucker or perhaps a dedicated cb user you have probably talked to one of these radios before. I can remember many times when I heard the voice of an officer talking on a Motorola. The State Patrol will often communicate with truckers via these Motorola Cb Radios. These radios have been in use 30 plus years and still going strong.

Many consider Motorola Cb Radio to be Rare, Vintage or even classic gear. Not a bad observation, although they are available for cheap at the right places. Motorola cb radios have a way of turning up at thrift stores, garage sale and other Vintage outlets at reasonable prices. Just about everyone that has been serious about the cb radio hobby has owned a Motorola MOCAT 23 or 40 channel cb radio at one time. The Vintage Motorola Base Station CB555 System would be the most rare and sought after radio in the group.

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